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 Welcome to Zeke’s Formula Health and Well-Being!


You are unique…and so is your physique. So why are you paying your hard-earned money for a “custom” fitness and meal plan that is the same as that of the next client?

If you are looking to make real and sustainable life style changes than your workouts and nutritional needs MUST be tailored to YOUR fitness level, YOUR schedule and YOUR nutritional needs! Zeke’s Formula Health and Well-Being, headquartered in Owings Mills, MD and providing fitness services in Timonium, MD, was founded by Zeke Narise, certified personal trainer and advanced recovery acupressure/reflexology specialist.

Zeke’s Formula Health and Well-Being offers elite personal training, youth athletic sports performance training, boxing, nutritional guidance/meal planning, life style coaching at Interactive Fitness in Timonium, MD and acupressure/reflexology recovery services at our Owings Mills, MD location to help you realize your dreams of a healthier, pain-free YOU!

Zeke Narise offers certified personal trainer, nutrition and acupressure services to the following cities:

  • Workout

    Enhances physical fitness and overall health and wellness.

  • Recovery

    Recovery gives your body a chance to grow. 

  • Nutrition

    Proper nutrition fuels your body for top performance. 

  • Water

    Water is also important to fitness and fat loss for several reasons.