Personal Boxing Training – Fitness Meets Martial Arts

Personal Boxing Training – Fitness, Martial Arts, Judo and Boxing

Zeke's Formula Health and Well-Being Personal Boxing Training Timonium MD


Are you looking for an awesome way to blow off some steam from a stressful job? Get a killer workout? Learn the basics of martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, and judo? Or are you just plain sick and tired of doing the same boring, repetitive workout? Zeke’s Formula Health and Well-Being has just the thing for YOU! Come shake up your fitness routine at Interactive Fitness in Timonium, MD with our Personal Boxing Training – where Fitness meets Martial Arts!

Judo black belt and certified personal trainer, Zeke Narise, has taken his vast knowledge in fitness and martial arts to create a unique training approach that focuses on fundamental combat skills and self-defense. This is not your traditional kickboxing class; Mr. Narise creates a unique workout plan for each client based on their goals, martial arts background, learning style and fitness level. Each session is tailored to meet your needs, enhance your strengths and improve your weaknesses – absolutely no “cookie-cutter” workout plans here! Under the careful guidance of Mr. Narise you will explore different styles of martial arts, and the basics will be drilled into your movements to provide you with a solid foundation for successful learning of new techniques.

Synergy is the name of the game when you are learning martial arts because you are using the body as one unit. Balance is key to delivering strikes and throws that will knock an opponent off-balance. The purpose of each session is to reinforce techniques and rhythm that will help you flow with each movement. Martial arts does not have any limitations except for the ones you set for yourself, and sessions will be inspired by your motivation and focus. We will have a great time learning martial arts techniques that are practical and impactful for not only the gym, but for life in the real world.

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