Small Group Personal Training

 Small Group Personal Training

Zeke's Formula Health and Well Being Small Group Personal Training Timonium MD

Our small group personal training provides you with the personalized fitness, nutritional and recovery guidance of a one-on-one training session along with the competitive energy of training partners to help push your workout to new heights. Conditioning, core work, boxing and full body workouts will torch off the calories and leave you feeling awesome, and the personalized nutritional advice will help you attain your personal best! So grab 2-3 of your closest friends and schedule a heart-pumping workout led by former Navy corpsman and personal trainer, Zeke Narise. Sessions are held at Interactive Fitness in Timonium, MD.

Note: Group size limited to 3-4 people.

Sample Small Group Personal Training Workout:

  • Dynamic warm-up drills to loosen you up
    • Body squats (10)
    • Reverse lunges (10)
    • Heal Walks (20)
    • Pelvic thrusts (15)
    • Y’s and T’s (10 of each)
  • Core Workout Plan (3 times)
    • Kettle Bell Squats (20)
    • Dead lifts (15)
    • Front kicks (20)
    • Battle Rope (60 seconds)
    • Planks (30 -45 secs)
  • Cool Down
    • Stretching of major muscle groups
    • Instruction on proper use of foam roller

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