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Youth Performance Athletic Training

 Youth Performance Athletic Training

Zeke's Formula Health and Well-Being Youth Performance Athletic Training


Youth sports has become increasingly competitive over the past decade. It has become more and more apparent that simply practicing for a particular sport is often not sufficient if you want your child to have a competitive advantage in middle and high school athletics which are feeders for a successful post-high school. As a former post-college semi-pro baseball player, Zeke Narise can unequivocally tell you that a youth strength and conditioning program would have enhanced his performance during his athletic career.

Mr. Narise became a youth performance trainer as a college baseball player at Bowie State University, and immediately spotted the weaknesses in his own training as a youth especially when it came to hip mobility and shoulder stability. We all know that our hips and shoulders help us to stabilize and perform simple tasks throughout the day. Kids are no exception and you can see them lunge, squat, change direction, shoot, throw or jump as they play various individual and team sports. Most of these movements place high demand on the hips, knees, shoulders and other joints. If he would have been trained by a strength and conditioning coach as a youth to properly strengthen these muscle groups, he could have avoided or reduced knee pain, hip issues and rotator cuff strains as I got older.

Zeke's Formula Health and Well-Being Youth Performance Athletic Training Soccer Players

Strength, power, speed, agility, and balance are useful tools for growing youngsters however their young bodies are often not strong enough for the demanding drills that will be asked of them during sports practices. Strength training and conditioning will not stunt a youngster’s growth however improper or poorly guided exposure to sports can cause injuries ranging from mild to serious as their bodies have not yet adapted and strengthened to handle the stress. Sports showcase the abilities of any athlete mentally and physically. Sitting in a classroom all day with no activity exposes a young athlete to movement patterns that tighten the hips and back. Hip muscles shorten while sitting, and the posterior back muscles are stretched causing more harm than good. Neither of these issues is conducive for the growth of a young athlete. Strength and conditioning programs complement sports training and helps the young athlete overcome weaknesses. Hip flexion problems can be avoided by concentrating on posterior exercises, and rotating hip movements create healthier synergy between the hip flexors, glutes, and lumbar spine. Posterior strengthening exercises using weights and bands will not only stabilize the shoulder muscles, it will improve posture and help prevent shoulder slouching and in the future.

Adding a youth personal trainer to your child’s sports program will not only give them an advantage on the sports field but it will set them up for a healthy, balanced and injury-free life!

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