Custom Meal Plans

Custom Meal Plans

Zeke's Formula Health and Well-Being Custom Meal Plans Timonium MD

Are you the weekend warrior obstacle course fanatic? An annual marathon participant? Athlete or bodybuilder? Over 40 and just trying to stay fit? Well there is a meal plan for each and every one of you, but it is how you implement it into your daily lifestyle that will truly make the difference. Consistency in the land of extremes will always burn brighter and longer. There are no quick fixes to weight loss and muscle gain; extreme diets that don’t fit your unique lifestyle will almost always result in disaster.

Zeke Narise, certified personal trainer and nutritional guru will help create a meal plan that is tailored just for YOU! It will reflect your work schedule, fitness regime and existing nutritional dilemmas and limitations. Mr. Narise is firm believer that proper and balanced nutrition provides the foundation for a good exercise program and healthy life. He knows from experience the importance of nutrition and that an inconsistent or poorly executed meal plan will greatly hinder your life and fitness goals. He will use his experience in the industry and the guidelines below to provide you with nutritional guidance that will take you to your goals and fits with your life!

Guidelines for a healthy meal plan:

  • Make sure you are healthy enough to start a fitness and nutrition program by paying a visit to your doctor. Check that you are not at risk for any physical problems while exercisin or have any dietary restrictions.
  • Aim for a gallon of water each day with roughly 16 oz. before and during your workout.
  • Choose lean protein sources like chicken or turkey breast, white fish, salmon or lean red meats.
  • Go for complex or low glycemic carbohydrate sources such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, or brown rice.
  • Don’t forget the importance of healthy fats like avocados or raw almonds.

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