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Frederica S.

“Zeke Narise is wonderful and I only had to stop his service when I moved away. He is a fabulous trainer and he worked with my husband and me for years and years. He came to our home from 7-8am, two mornings a week, and was always on time, reliable and professional. I am in my 80’s and I always appreciated that Zeke taught and advised us on how to use our bodies safely and smartly. He kept us limber and strong and even made the process fun! I would highly recommend Zeke to anyone who needs a personal trainer. We miss him so much!”

Austin R.

“Zeke Narise is by far the best trainer around. He not only wants his clients to physically transform and become the healthiest they can possibly be, but he is also an extremely kind-hearted and caring person. Whether it be nutrition, cardio, weightlifting or more, Zeke is a encyclopedia when it comes to health.”

Richard B.

“Zeke IS the answer to filling that space in you life – for health, fitness and mindfulness of your body. I have had the pleasure of working out with Zeke over the last four years. What I enjoy about our one hour sessions is his 100% complete commitment and focus to my workout. He will custom tailor a workout that works for YOU and be the most positive motivator for the full 60 minutes. He can even answer any questions you may have about your daily nutritional needs and caloric intake to add to a better way of living. Lastly, his smile and personality is contagious- making it a little bit easier to push out that last rep!! I Highly Recommended Zeke if you’re READY to take on a BETTER YOU !”

Mark L.

“I’ve been training with Zeke for going on 9 years now. As an endurance athlete, my main goals have been overall strength and injury prevention. Zeke has met those goals with a wide array of exercises and stretches customized just for me. I am constantly amazed at Zeke’s broad range of knowledge, and his ability to zero in on any weak spot, be it through an exercise, stretch or massage. Finally, his positive and upbeat attitude ensures that even if you are having a bad day, you’re gonna have a good workout.”

Claire M.

“I love training with Zeke, his energy is contagious. When you walk in the gym he is ready to get going. If a certain body part is hurting he will not push you harder, he will find the source of the pain and aid in helping that pain. He listens to his client’s needs and has so much knowledge about what he does.”

Brian Z.

“Zeke trained me for four years. He taught me how to holistically approach my fitness, health, and well-being. His breadth of knowledge is expansive in the fitness arena and he genuinely presents the information in an understandable way.”

Edmund S.

“Zeke is an amazing trainer, he is an expert in nutrition and training and has many years of experience to back it up. I was able to put on more lean muscle and lose fat much sooner then I expected. Zeke is the man!”