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Acupressure Reflexology and Your Health

What are the health benefits of acupressure and reflexology? Acupressure and Reflexology are two well-known healing practices used by Asian cultures for centuries to address health issues. They are healing methods that work on the body from the inside out, and address the core health…

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Plyometric Drills Help the Runner Stay Fit and Injury Free Maryland’s scenic beauty provides a wonderful backdrop for running. Maryland’s landscape also challenges runners seeking to stay fit and injury free. Like other states, we have obstacles; potholes, curbs, and rolling and rocky trail running…

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Why would a counter weight used in Russia with a ‘U’ shaped handle be so popular in fitness today? The 1980 Olympic games saw one of the most lopsided gold medal totals in all the throwing events by the Russians. I am going to go…

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